Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day Dirt Cake

I asked Eddie, AKA, the Best Dad in the World, what treat he would like for me to make him on fathers day.  His response was, "something with Oreos.  Yum, Oreos.  So I immediately took to pinterest to find something totally unique and mouth watering, yet not too difficult to prepare with little hands grabbing at me all the while.


This cake hails from the delicious blog of Sweet Charlie and is absolutely AMAZING!

You know that yummy "dirt" pudding?  You know, the chocolate pudding with the bits of Oreo crumbs?  Yeah, the one where they stick the gummy worm in the top, thus allying it "Dirt".  Yeah, that cup- o - goodness is the basis of this cake.  I guess you could call this the adults version of Dirt.  Now we take that dirt idea and add Devils food cake, home made cream cheese frosting and OREO'S!!

This treat received rave reviews from the crew of sugar fiends  kiddos.  "Mom, this isn't good, its amazing".  "Mom, I don;t like this, I LOVE THIS".  The funny goes on and on and on.

Anyway, if you are looking for a unique bit of yummy, easy to make and crowd pleasing goodness, THIS is the cake for you.

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